It is an abnormal condition in a women’s menstrual cycle. Almost 8 in 10 women suffers from this condition.It affects both their personal and professional life. It includes various problems:-

MENORRHAGIA:- Heavy menstrual bleeding

METRORRHAGIA:- Bleeding before and after menses

HYPERMENORRHEA:- Menses too long

OLIGOMENORRHEA:- Light menstrual periods (interval exceeding 35 days)

DYSMENORRHEA:- Painful menstruation

AMENORRHEA:- Absence of periods

PMS (PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME):- It includes mood swings, irritability etc before 7 days of menses.

SYMPTOMS:- Abdominal cramps, pain lower abdomen/pelvis, mood swings, nausea, backache, weight gain/loss.

CAUSES:- Anemia, thyroid disorders, liver disorders, blood clotting problems, uterine fibroids, PCOD, metabolic disorders, infection of uterus/cervix, IUD/birth control pills

TREATMENT:- HERBS- Ashoka, dashmoola, lodhra, heeng, methi, ajwain, kantkari, nirgundi

PANCHKARMA THERAPIES:- Shirodhara- Medicated shirodhara treats the                                                                                                Hormonal imbalance

Pitchu dharan- It strenghthens the uterine cavity

Basti- It removes the infections

Shirobasti- It helps balancing the  impaired  endocrine glands thus helps in treating thyroid dysfunction

HOME REMEDIES:- 1- Add 1 tbs of ajwain in one glass of water with jaggery and dry fruits. Boil it for 10 minutes on low flame. Drink it during menstrual cycle.

2- Take methi decoction twice a month in case of oligomennorhea.

3-yoga , meditation