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UTI urinary tract infection in women

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UTI is second most common health problem in women .Almost every women suffer from UTI  at some point of time.

SYMPTOMS: pain,burning during urination

frequency/urge of urine

pelvic pain

low back pain



abdominal pain


CAUSES:        cystitis,uretheritis,Sexually transmitted disease,poor hygiene,kidney                            stones,diabetes,post menopausal etc.

AYURVEDA:   according to ayurveda it is vitiation of pitta dosha.

AYURVEDIC TREATMENT OF UTI ( urinary tract infection )

Coriander seeds 10 grams+ Amla 10 gm + Gokshur 10 gm+Kanthari                             10 gram.Take powder of these herbs in given amount,mix well.Take one spoon twice daily for 10 days with water.



fresh reddish juice empty stomach in the morning with a spoon full of triphala powder.



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image (1)Weakness refers to loss of muscle strength it may develop suddenly or gradually.

Cause: –  1. Decrease in general physical fitness
2. Loss of muscles tissues due to prolonged period of illness, ingury inactivity
3. Damage to nerves, Chronic Illness
4. Prolong alcohol intake, Drug abuse
5. Use of cortico steroids like dexamethasone and prednisone, Nasal sprays, Eyes drops
6. Stress
7. Anaemia, Nutritional Deficiency, Diabetes etc.

Signs & Symptoms: – 1. Dizziness
2. Fatigue
3. Muscular Cramps
4. Backache
5. Lethargy
6. Lack of Energy
7. Body aches
8. Pain in lower legs.

Herbs :- Ashwagandha

Yoga :- Pranayam
Sarvanga Asana
Padama Asana

Diet :- High Protein, High Calorie diet More Fibers
Whole grains
Cow Ghee
Fruits (Banana, Grapes, Anaar(pomegranate))

Herbal Medicines for General Weakness in Males.

Ayurvedic Treatment for weakness in men-Easy Home remedies.
Take equal amount of powder of dalchinni (cinnamon)+ kalimirchi(black pepper)one tea spoon full, with one spoon of ginger lemon juice & 2 spoon of honey take with in a warm glass of water twice daily. Excellent result within ten days.

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Our body has two types of vessels- ARTERIES that carry blood from heart to peripheral organs and VEINS that bring back blood from periphery towards heart. Veins have to carry the blood against gravity. Veins in legs have smooth elastic valves that pump blood due to pressure from contraction of leg muscles. These veins maintain one direction of blood flow by gate like flaps of valves. Continues activity of muscles in body keeps on squeezing the veins and forcing the blood flow from one valves upwardly to other valves. These flaps of valves close to prevent any back flow of blood.

Fault in function of these valves results in back flow of blood in veins of legs. Because of this blood fill up in veins which become sort of pipe like due to ill functioning or weak valves.


A  Superficial varicose veins & B Deep varicose veins

Cause of Varicose Veins: –

1. Hereditary
2. Obesity
3.  Old age
4. Pregnancy
5. Hormonal Imbalance
6. Tumors
7. Long standing work
8. Chronic Constipation
9. General Weakness
Symptom: – 1. Swelling Feet
2. Painful and Heavy legs and feet
3. Scarring of skin of legs and feet
4. Swollen Veins
5. Dark Purple lines on skin of legs

Ayurveda :-  According to ayurveda Varicose Veins  is disorder due to imbalance of vata and pitta dosha involving blood, blood Vessels , muscles (Connecting Tissue). General weakness due to chronic disease e.g bronchial asthma (respiratory disorder) some time may be due to Kapha Dosha making this disease muliti  Dosha involving all the there doshas.
Ayurveic Treatment of Varicose Veins: – Relies on symptomatic support for immediate relief and strengthening of flaps of valves of veins.

1. Life style changes :- avoid long standing working, while taking rest-raised foot  end of bed(leg elevation), physical activities(walk, jogging )

2. Herbal Treatment:- Amlaki, Hartiki, Eranda (Castor Oil), Mandooka Parli, Mangista, Guduchi, Punarnava, sariva, haldi , Shigru, Guggul, Ashawganda, Shilajit, Punarnavashtaka Kwatha, are known to  have excellent properties use full for treatment of Varicose Veins.

3. Panchkarma:- Abhiyangam, Snehan, Avgahan, Swedana

4. Home Remedies:- Take equal amounts of vacha, turmeric, tulsi powder & make paste with aloe vera juice. Apply over affected area.

5. Green vegetables,  Fresh  fruits , Yoga , Meditation.




It is breathing from the mouth rather than nose.
Sign & Symptoms: – Dry & Cracked lips
Dry mouth
Bad breath
Daytime fatigue
Long face

Causes :- Allergies
Thumb or finger sucking habit
Enlarged tonsils/adenoids
Chronic nasal congestion
Respiratory infection
Complication :- It develops tongue – Thrust which affects speech, swallowing and chewing Impacts on the brain development.
Other affects on body :- Headache
Gum disease / Gingivitis
Sore throat
Bad Breath
Poor sleep leading to chronic fatigue
Digestive disturbances i.e gas, acid reflux etc.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Mouth breathing :- Khadir-10g
Big Cardamom-20g
Black pepper-10g

Take powder of these herbs in given amount and mix them well.
Take 1 tbs twice a day with honey and luke warm water for 10 days.
Medications:- laxmi vilas ras
Khadiraadi vati
Vyoshadi vati
Anu tail
Shadbindu tail
Cephagraine tab
Cephagraine drops
Panchkarma Therapies:- Nasyam

Put one drop of Cow Ghee (goghrita) in each nostril before sleeping.

Regular physical activities, swimming, jogging, breathing exercise, pranayam helps







It is a rare disorder of the peripheral nerves characterized by gradually increasing sensory loss of reflexes; in simple words it is a condition in which nerves that carry information to and from the brain and spinal cord become damaged.

Sign and Symptoms- Nerve signals become altered causing impairment in motor function or loss of sensation which causes – Incoordination, numbness, tingling, pricking sensations, weakness (difficulty walking, footdrop)

Causes – Diabetes, Alcohlism, Toxicity, vitamins deficiency, chemotherapy, traumatic injury, drug abuse, immune system disorders.

According to Ayurveda – It is considered as a vata Vyadhi,

Treatment – Panchkarma Therapies

Snehana, Pindsweda, abhyangam, mardana, potli, shirodhara, vasti

Herbs – Devdaro, Bala, Shallaki, agnimantha, triphala, shatavari, punarnava, dashmula, ashwagandha, brahmi, atibala, eranda.

Foods – black grams, wheat, curd, sugarcane, milk, ghee, sesame oil.

Medications – Rasraj ras

Makardhwaj ras

Vatkulantak ras

Vishtinduk vati

Kasheer Bala taile

Mahamaash taile

Panchguua taile

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IMPOTENCE (Weakness) In Men and Women

IMPOTENCE (Weakness)

It is a common disorder now days, also less treated because people are hesitated to talk about this; it is embarrassing for both women and men. It ruins the married life of couple and is a major cause of stress and strain.

In Men: – Erectile dysfunction is known as impotence. It signifies the inability to get and maintain an erection necessary for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. It affects almost every age group but majority of men over 40 years.

In women: – Persistent, recurrent problem of lack of desire, orgasm or pain that strain relationship with the partner are medically known as female sexual dysfunction. Approx 40% of women are affected.

Cause: – Physical: – Diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, hypertension, prostate disease, heart disease, obesity, substance abuse, nutritional deficiency etc.

Psychological: – Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Treatment: – Panchkarma, Nasya, Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Vasthi, Udvartan,

Impotence and Ayurveda :- In Ayurveda there is a special branch which deals with impotence and i.e vajikarana chikitsa, vajikarana therapy increase sexual energy.

Home Remedies: – Milk & Long Pepper, Ghee, Walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, mangoes, banana.

Vajikaraka herbs: – Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Bala, Amla, Mushali, Kantkari, Bhallatak, Lodhra, Musta, Gokshura etc.



MIGRAINE is a neurological disorder, characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe.

All or part of head are affected.

Pain is of Pulsating Severe Nature which may last 2 hours to 2 days.

Symptoms: – Localized pain on one side of the head

Pulsating sensation behind the eye

The Pain may shift to other side of the head on another occasion.




Cold hands & feet

Sensitivity to light

Migraine & Ayurveda

In terms of Ayurveda, Migraine is considered on imbalance in the Pitta Dosha, which combines the elements of fire and water. In simple words when too much heat builds up in the blood vessels, they dilate and create pressure on the nervous system, leading to Migraine.


Panchkarma Therapies



Kavala Graha


Sneha Nasyam


Herbs Useful are :-  Yashtimadhu


Haritaki (Hearad)

Amoloki (Amla)

Bala Kumari (Aloe vera)

Home Remedies: – Milk and Haldi (Turmeric) with sugar,

Harad Murabba

Do’s:- Rest in a dark quite place

Hot and cold compresses

Do’nots :- Avoid fasting

No use of deodorants/sprays

Do not  drink too much coffee or tea

Avoid loud music/noise

Avoid green chilli/Spicy food

ANAEMIA (Cause, Effect & Treatment)

It is the decrease in the amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. It can also be defined as a lowered ability oHealthf the blood to carry oxygen.

There are 3 main types of Anaemia :-

1 Due to blood loss

2 Due to decreased red blood cell production

3 Due to increased RBC breakdown.

Signs of Symptoms :-

General weakness, fatigue, Lathargy, Restlessness, loss of Habitat malaise, exertion, lack of concentration, Pale body and nails.

Diet related insufficiency :- Iron rich food should be taken, dried organic food fresh apple juice, pomegranate juice.

How can Ayurveda help in case of Anemia :- Ayurveda uses the inherent power of Natural herbs to bring about wonderful result on the human body. Herbs are natural of 100% safe. Ayurvadic herbs help overcome Anemia of extrinsic and intrinsic origin. They help in increasing blood hemoglobin and RBC count.

Herbal Treatment:-

1 Guggal

2 Amalaki

3 Vacha

4 Punarnava

5 Shilajit

6 Ashwagandha

7 Triphala Powder

Panchkarma Therapies in Anaemia :-

Shirodhara Dhara, Abhangam, Sneha-Swedana, Vaman-Virechan

Home Remedies for Anaemia: –

Take 1 table spoon of turmeric juice mixed with honey daily,

Jaggery, Curd, Dry Fruits, Cashew nuts, Sesame oil, Green Leafy Vegetable etc.

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